Strömkarlens karateklubb is a member of ’Svenska Karateförbundet’ (the Swedish Karate Federation) and ’Riksidrottsförbundet’ (the National Sports Federation in Sweden).

Our organization is called ’Svenska Wadokai’ with Chief Instructor Shingo Ohgami, 8 dan (1941-2019).

The style we practice is called Wado Ryu.

Strömkarlens karateklubb was formed in 1982 by Göran Eriksson, 3 dan.

We welcome beginners and highly graded students of other styles to visit at any time.
No pre-registration is needed.

Training fees and discounts

Adults: 850kr for a school semester (spring or autumn).
Children: (7-12yrs) 600kr for a school semester.

Family discount: 100kr discount for the next paying family member.

Students with a Mecenat card gets 100kr discount on the ordinary fee.
(proof of being a student).

One time fee: 60kr per session. If you do not intend to practice the whole school semester period.

Supporting member, no training: 150 kr / year

The fee includes training, membership and FOLKSAM injury insurance.

The start dates for beginners practice period can be found HERE


Beginners class Children (7-13 year), Sundays 16:00 – 16:50 in the F-hall
Beginners class Adults, Mondays 18:00 – 19:00 and Thursdays 19:00 – 20:00 in the F-hall

Beginners can use tracksuit pants and a t-shirt, please wash your feet before training since you train barefoot.

Bow when you go in and out of the dojo (training hall).

Important! Please arrive in a timely fashion. We help each other to clean the floor before the start.

Our dojo is located at:

Arena Älvhögsborg in the basement, ’F-hall’

Locker rooms are number 13 for gentlemen and number 14 for ladies

If have further questions and you want to get in touch with us,
please send us an e-mail using our  e-mail template